As life coaches, Jo and I not only provide advice and guidance to our clients but we also strive to practice what we preach in our own lives. Walking the walk as well as talking the talk. I sat down yesterday and made a list of all of the ways. I was hoping for 10 as all blogs seem to feature TEN ways to do something, but I could only come up with 8. Nine if you add “take a good book into a hot bath for a read and a soak every so often”!

So, here are my eight examples of how we personally apply our life coaching principles by walking the walk in addition to talking the talk.

  1. Mindful Mornings: We both start our day with mindfulness practices like meditation, deep breathing, and positive affirmations. We do this mostly while eating toast or feeding the chickens, so we’re not trying to sound like influencers who only sleep three hours a night!
  2. Gratitude Journal: Jo is better at this than me but I do try to keep a gratitude journal to help me focus on the positives in my life. It also helps to maintain an optimistic outlook.
  3. Goal Setting: We regularly set and review our personal and professional goals, using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) criteria. This ensures we work towards meaningful objectives. Which sounds awfully grown up, but honestly, without it, NOTHING would ever get done!!
  4. Embracing Change: We are champions of change! So it makes sense to practise what we preach and embrace change and the opportunities it can bring, rather than fearing it. We constantly challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and try new things. Not just food, Jo!
  5. Work-Life Balance: We prioritise work-life balance by taking regular breaks, disconnecting from technology, and spending quality time with family and friends despite the challenges of working in film and TV.
  6. Open Communication: We do our best to communicate openly and honestly with each other, expressing our thoughts and concerns in a non-judgmental way. It’s hard at times of course, but that’s because we are human and two very different personalities!
  7. Being Present: We make a conscious effort to be fully present in the moment, whether it’s during a coaching session or walking the dogs, giving our full attention to the task at hand. It’s hard not watching tv while doom-scrolling of an evening, but personally I find that leaving my phone in the kitchen makes it easier!
  8. Mix Things Up: Bear with me on this one! It certainly divides the room when I mention it to friends or clients. I like to mix things up in my daily routine by sitting in different chairs during my evening wind-down time, to break up the monotony and challenge my mind to adapt. I don’t however swap sides of the bed each night, because, well, I’m not a monster!!

By applying these principles to our lives, Jo and I lead by example and inspire our clients to do the same. We are committed to our personal growth and development, and we encourage others to do the same. Are you walking the walk?

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just need some guidance, get in touch, and we’ll help you navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence using our award-winning Equa Approach® from Jo and Liz at Fusion Film and TV.