Anyone else start sweating in unusual places when someone announces that you’re not only invited to the meeting but that you will be presenting, or expected to provide updates and ask questions? Perhaps you know already that the meeting will contain STRANGERS which means… will be required to INTRODUCE YOURSELF.  The horror. Don’t panic, our tips for confidently communicating have got you covered.

It’s not all bad though! We’ve all been through it. The best thing you can do is prepare.

  1. Prepare in advance: Before the meeting, review the agenda and any relevant materials, so you are familiar with the topics that will be discussed. This will give you a better understanding of the conversation and help you contribute more effectively.
  2. Speak confidently: Speak clearly, at a moderate pace and use a confident tone of voice (have notes nearby if you feel reassured by their presence), this will help you sound more assertive and in control.
  3. Listen actively: Listen carefully to what is being said and ask questions to clarify any points you are unsure about. This will demonstrate your interest and engagement in the conversation.
  4. Take notes: Taking notes during the meeting can help you stay focused and retain important information. You can also refer to them later to follow up on any action items. Sometimes having a pen or glass of water acts as a prop and gives our brain something else to focus on rather than our impending sense of dread!
  5. Take a deep breath: If you feel nervous, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are prepared and ready for the meeting. Even the dreaded icebreaker.
  6. Be Yourself: Be honest about your role and limitations, it is important to be transparent and not to overpromise anything.
  7. Don’t worry about blushing: Blushing is a natural physical response, and most people will not even notice it or if they do, they will not think much of it. Try to focus on the conversation and the content, rather than on your physical sensations.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay. The most important thing is to remain professional, respectful and engaged in the conversation.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just need some guidance, get in touch, and we’ll help you navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence using our award-winning Equa Approach® from Jo and Liz at Fusion Film and TV.