Who am I?

Who Am I" By Liz Bell
This isn't an average self-help book; this is a book about finding yourself told in a beautifully illustrated collection of short stories and offering a gentle change to your perspective.

Who Am I? will enable you to see clearly and create a better life for yourself that truly reflects who you are. These short tales by Liz are accompanied by beautiful, calming illustrations by Katie at Crowblack Studio to help you ease into your new perspective and to take hold of the search for your true self.

Who Am I? may be small but it is mighty and it is one to read over and over.

“In a world filled with overload of information and overwhelm for many, Who Am I? is a refreshing approach. It may be minimalistic but the message and guiding questions are strong. A great reminder to be present and check in with ourselves”.
~ Camilla Sacre-Dallerup